Our Brands


Goose Island is a family run business, based in Wales.

They buy from a variety of independent manufacturers in small towns near Florence, Italy. They are a business making a difference and also, where possible, buy from the UK which helps reduce their carbon footprint.

As a company they seek to ensure workers conditions are fair and regulated wherever possible, meeting the high standards demanded by the Italian government and that workers are paid the national minimum salaries. All production and employment in Italy is governed by strict European laws and legislation. They have spent many years researching where to source their products and regularly visit the factories where the garments are made.

They aim to restrict their carbon footprint by sourcing products within Europe where possible, reducing freight time, negating costly import factors and lessening the impact they have on the environment.

Goose island is committed to raising money for charities. They have donated up to £50,000 to a local children’s hospice Ty Hafan to date, given up to £40,000 to their nearest hospital to help fund cancer research projects, purchase specialist equipment and fund wards. They regularly participate in charity fashion shows raising money for the W.I and Macmillan and contribute raffle prizes for many good causes.

Made in Italy, sourced with a Goose Island conscience.


Donna is the founder and owner of this free spirited label and is a true bohemian.

Donna loves India & its remarkable people, with whom she works alongside. Together with her amazing artisans they produce pretty prints & embroidered fabrics & recycle old saris which are transformed into romantic & timeless fashion pieces.

Donna combines her free spirited vision with a Fair Trade ethos & is a strong contender in this niche market. Using a visionary & transparent approach Patchouli Fair ensures that the cumulative effect on the people they work with is overwhelmingly positive, and continues to create job opportunities for disadvantaged workers. In a world full of cheap labour & environmentally disastrous manufacturing techniques, they are active in making a positive change in the world.

Patchouli Fair is transparent in business dealings with all members of our supply chain

We deal directly with small family factories, co-operatives & desert tribes to create work opportunities that help to reduce poverty in rural India

Patchouli Fair does not support any co-operation that uses children under the age of 16

We pay our producers in advance & work with producers that pay their staff at or above the national wage average

We regularly visit our producers in India to help maintain safe & clean working environments & practices which equate to healthy working conditions & happy staff. We ensure that the staff have regular breaks & help with healthcare

Patchouli Fair does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age or background

We continue to pay a fair price to our producers and do not ‘haggle’. Our producers decide on the price and we pay it

Many Patchouli Fair products are made of recycled silks and fabric remnants. It is important to us to have little waste & to recycle wherever possible.


Sustainability & Quality
- Outstanding product quality
- Selected fair trade materials
- Responsible use of raw materials and resources
- Worldwide actions according to the highest social standards
- Climate neutral company

ARTEBENE is a family-owned company in the heart of the Münsterland region in Germany.

As a family-run business, we take on social responsibility. Sustainability is at the core of our everyday actions and determines our entire value chain. Therefore, already in 2017, we have joined the UN Global Compact, which is the world's most important initiative for responsible corporate management. We want our use of resources to be efficient and to take well-targeted measures to protect the environment. Actions speak louder than words.

By joining the UN Global Compact, we have committed ourselves to respecting its 10 universal principles and to embracing them in our company. We clearly support the Social Development Goals established by the UN in 2012. We have already made great progress and we now pursue the aim of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions more than ever. We have therefore determined ARTEBENE's CO² footprint in 2019. What we have learned from this analysis is really astonishing. Having this knowledge, we can now work on actions to avoid and reduce CO² emissions even more resolutely, and we convert these actions to individual projects. We take responsibility for the unavoidable emissions, such as product shipments, service provided by our sales professionals as well as our waste disposal and compensate them by contributing to selected climate protection projects. Now that we have compensated our CO² emissions, we can call our company a climate-neutral business and are glad that we have achieved another important milestone.

Another project close to our hearts: Furthering girls and women worldwide. As a modern lifestyle brand we are proud of a proportion of women in the ARTEBENE team which is above average. We are lucky enough to live in a country of unlimited possibilities and we would like to support young girls that do not have the same chances. Therefore we have decided to pursue a specific engagement in the children relief organisation Plan International which is also supported by the United Nations Refugee Agency. We are now proud godparents of little Sreykat in Cambodia and support her, her family and the community. One of the most efficient solutions in the battle against poverty and exploitation is the education of girls in developing countries, which is why we have decided to take on this god parenthood.


Suzie Blue is a family-run company with a long history of importing from both India & Indonesia. They work directly with all their producers to create their collections as fairly and responsibly as possible using ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

It has always been our policy to trade as fairly and responsibly as possible using ethically and sustainably sourced materials. The majority of our designs are made by hand, right down to base components that are hand-sanded and painted before being assembled into bracelets and necklaces.

We choose to work with smaller artisan manufacturers over big factories, and the close relationships we have with them mean that we know the conditions - and in many cases the individual workers - that produce our jewellery. We are certain that no child or indented labour is employed by any of our suppliers, and that full & fair market price is paid directly to the people that bring our ideas to life.


PoM continually assess and develop their environmental impact through thoughtful efforts and strategy.

They design their products so that their environmental impact during manufacture, use and disposal is diminished.

Use raw materials, water and energy efficiently, in order to diminish the effect on the environment. Reduce emissions and waste from their activities. Identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our activities at an early stage, and adopt these changes where appropriate.

Maintain high standards of safety at work for our employees whilst promoting staff awareness of environmental issues and encouraging responsible attitudes towards the environment.

Co-operate with our suppliers, customers and other business partners to achieve higher environmental standards.

Peace of Mind care about the environment and are committed to continuous improvement to reduce, re-use, recycle and also to create sustainable solutions


Lotusfeet are a social enterprise, empowering artisans of the Philippines. The wholesale business was set up in 2007, with the aim of providing economic security through regular employment and patronage. They have worked in partnership, for over ten years, with eight small family businesses and women's cooperative collaborating in the design and production of jewellery and fashion accessories, employing Fair Trade working principles and using natural and sustainable materials where possible.

The handicraft industry is a large employer of the skilled and traditional craftsmanship of the Filipino artisan. Many in extensive areas of the country depend on the industry for a living but only few are set up as entrepreneurs or direct exporters. We work and partner with smaller independent groups, individuals and families who have set up their own micro and cottage businesses or who were once employed by larger enterprises that are no longer in business.

Others are independent designers and artisans lacking resources or access to international markets and opportunities. Our partnerships have created jobs and training opportunities for marginalised individuals and communities, education, health care access, fair living wages and maintained working conditions.

"One of our longest relationships is with a Philippine social enterprise providing sustainable incomes and a safe working environment for a women's cooperative from a displaced community. Training in jewellery design, new skills and manufacture is provided, together with the required materials and equipment. The cooperative enables the women to earn a livelihood in an area where there are very few jobs, while living at home and supporting their families. The cooperative has benefitted many families enabling the children of its members to stay at school, graduate from secondary school and even go on and finish tertiary education."


At Sass & Belle, we love our planet and people as much as our designs. As well as being a globally recognised brand in lovingly designed, trend-led gifts we are also a brand that cares about people and the earth we live on. We’re on a mission to improve our environmental processes to keep our planet safe, constantly looking for ways to reduce plastic use in our products, packaging and supply chain. From our Distribution Centre to our Head Office, we are opting for practices that are sustainable and benefit our wonderful planet.

Each product is sourced responsibly and with care from suppliers that comply with our brand values. Our supply chain must adhere to the minimum standards set within the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.

No child labour or forced working, no discrimination or intimidation and with fair wages, safe working environments and sustainable practices for all involved.


SugarLane is an exciting new brand born out of the need for a great fashion label that is unique, exclusive and kind to the planet!

They work in partnership with their suppliers to support ethical trading and sustainable fashion initiatives.

They use only recycled and responsibly sourced fabrics, reducing water consumption in the process, replanting trees and giving a fair and safe working environment for all involved.

" Setting standards with our partners to source and manufacture responsibly "


Their mission is to reduce their impact through thoughtful designs, choosing to upcycle and work with local artisans from India.

They believe in taking the slow lane to create garments that make you feel good whilst reducing the amount of fabric that goes into landfill.

Their designs are made from only using upcycled luxury saris which allow you to have your own individual style. One by one each saris is selected, checked and transformed into wonderful and unique designs.

So far Undressed has upcycled 12k metres of sari fabric.


Gringo is passionate about fair trade and committed to adhering to its principles, as they have done since they began the business in 1988.

As ethical trade is very important to them, they only buy from factories or co-operatives that they have visited in person, in order to ensure that all their suppliers meet their fair trade criteria.

No child labour.

Equality in the workplace, ensuring both men and women receive fair and equal wages.

Safe working conditions, regular breaks and paid holidays, religious freedom and hourly wages.

Development of skills and new ideas, using traditional methods to western standards.

To pay the price the supplier needs and not to haggle for a cheaper price.

To pay up front for all or goods including a minimum of 40% deposit with initial order.

To encourage respect for the environment and to stop pollution and promote organic and sustainable produce.

To maintain long term relationships with our suppliers, giving them confidence to make improvements and investments.


At Wild Olive they have a set of principles and beliefs that they strive to work towards every day.

Their products are made with you in mind ... making them gentle on the skin without any harsh chemicals going back into the ecosystem - kind to you, kind to the environment!  Using only high quality sustainable ingredients, all the range is Vegetarian and is NEVER tested on animals.

All packaging is sourced in the UK and is made from recycled materials and all packaging is recyclable.  As everything is handmade they use very little power and energy consumption is kept to a minimum.  Wild Olive are a family run, female led business who believe in training and employing local people.