Green Daisy Cotton Jumper


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A gorgeous green daisy cotton knit jumper that is absolutely perfect for spring and summer layering.

A soft and floppy oversized knit with three large different coloured daisies on the back and arms.  Not only is this jumper a great deal of fun but it’s relaxed shape makes it so easy to wear too.  It will work with any shape of trouser or skirt and would be very cute worn with shorts. Pop it on over a long dress for effortless summer evening style too.

Featuring a wide boatneck opening and a dropped shoulder sleeve that narrows to a tighter cuff.  The narrow ribbed hemline that curves gently from the front to the back gives a flattering finish.  The daisy on the back is deep fuchsia pink, the left arm daisy is lime green and the right arm daisy is orange.